a b o u t  u s

i y a  m a y t a

i s   a   b r a n d

f o r   h a n d m a d e

l o v e r s

H  e  a  r  t 

H  a n  d 


 i  n   P  e  r  u

We are a peruvian firm of jewelry, alpaca clothing and accessories, founded in 2013 by the siblings Mariana and Renato Mayta Alecchi.

They had the vision to create a global brand with pieces that have high value added, an altruist sense and retribution to the society and environment.


We generate this added value by developing unique pieces of contemporary design, handmade by Peruvian artisans and artist, not using an industrial process. This way, we are keeping alive the use of millenary techniques of weaving and jewelry from Peru.


We employ local material of the best quality, like the luxurious alpaca fiber, silver and natural stones.

Currently IYA MAYTA is selling in the best local and offshore stores, expanding to new clients, that seek for quality and high value products, with an ethic and retribution sense.

w h o ´s   b e h i n d

e a c h    I y a   M a y t a


p i e c e ?

h a n d m a d e


b y    p e r u v i a n


a r t i s a n s    a n d


a r t i s t


f r o m    d i f f e r e n t


l o c a t i o n s 


o f    P e r u .

We have the commitment to collaborate with the progress and development of the local communities, employing artist and skilled artisans in jewelry and weaving art from this communities.

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